Warning about Pokemon Go: No Pikachu in PLA headquarters!

Agence France-Presse

You can't just play Pokemon Go, like, anywhere in Hong Kong, you know

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Jamie Sie-to Chuk-man, plays mobile game Pokemon Go released ono Monday in Hong Kong.

The People's Liberation Army based in Hong Kong has warned Pokemon Go players to stay off their base in Hong Kong as the game sweeps the city.

Pokemon Go landed in Hong Kong on Monday, only the second place in Asia to go live, after Japan. Hongkongers have been even more glued to their phones than ever before, searching for monsters in the strangest of places, including government headquarters.

But the city's enthusiasm to "catch 'em all" has prompted warnings from government departments and even the Chinese People’s Liberation Army to stay off their property.

A PLA spokesman said the city’s barracks were closed zones. "Military barracks are restricted areas under Hong Kong law. Without the authorisation of the commanding officer, no one is allowed to enter the restricted areas," he said.

Police also warned residents to be careful when playing the game.

"When you are capturing monsters, stay alert to your surroundings," a police video posted on Facebook said.

"Police report rooms are for people in need of police services, players are not allowed to play the game there, be a smart player!" the video added.

The app has now been launched in more than 40 countries including the US, Japan and much of Europe. Japanese video game company Nintendo started the mythical creature franchise 20 years ago.