Hong Kong protests: Ying Wa College student arrested for playing 'Glory to Hong Kong' on campus on Monday


Classmates called for a boycott in support of the Form 2 student, calling his arrest unacceptable

Joanne Ma |

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Ying Wa College students are gathered at the school playground to show support for the arrested student.

A Form 2 student at Ying Wa College was arrested for allegedly playing the protest anthem, “Glory to Hong Kong”, on Monday.

According to a statement issued by the anti-extradition bill concern group at Ying Wa College, the student was playing “Glory to Hong Kong” on his bluetooth speaker outside the school gate before school started at about 7.40 am earlier today.

The statement continued, “A police van arrived and more than 10 riot police hopped off the van to arrest random students.” The Form 2 student was the only Ying Wa College student arrested and was escorted to Cheung Sha Wan Police Station.

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Accompanied by a lawyer, the school principal Allan Cheng, School Management Committee member Yeung Po-kwan, a teacher and the student’s parents subsequently visited the student at the police station.

To show support for the arrested student, other Ying Wa College students called for a class boycott on campus and started a silent sit-in at the school playground at 9am. Around 200 students joined. At about 2pm, a teacher came to the playground and gave a lecture on the artwork made during the Chinese revolution in the 1920-40s, according to a student participant.

The concern group condemned the police’s indiscriminate arrest, stating that their actions were totally unacceptable and were stripping away students’ freedom from fear. The Form 2 student is still detained at the police station as of 2pm, while the police investigate the case.

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“The police van stopped outside of our school, and the riot police suddenly rushed out. Some students tried to run back into the campus, and this kid just wasn’t fast enough,” said Bowie Tang, a 16-year-old Ying Wa College student who witnessed the incident.

He said that the arrest was just relentless because it's very random. However, he said he wouldn’t be afraid of the police’s abuse of power, instead he would be motivated to even participate more in social movements.

“I’m not scared at all because I’m willing to bear the risk for justice and freedom.”