Hong Kong protests: Charity against sexual violence condemns police attempt to discredit alleged rape victim


Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women states alleged victim had not made her allegations public

Wong Tsui-kai |

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The police have denied the allegations of the alleged rape of an underaged girl by officers.

Local charity Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women, has issued a statement expressing concern over police releasing information regarding the alleged rape of a teenaged girl in Tsuen Wan police station.

They describe police statements to media and public as “public confirmation [of] the existence of these allegations whilst at the same time clearly trying to discredit and undermine them.”

"The victim in this case has not made her allegations public. According to the police statement and subsequent media reports she followed established procedures in reporting the case and has given a statement to police. The victim has also cooperated in allowing the collection of a DNA sample from the foetus to conclusively identify the assailant. In not making her allegations public, the victim has clearly not sought to link them with the ongoing protest events in Hong Kong." read the statement.

The police confirmed they received a complaint alleging the crime at Tsuen Wan police station on October 22. However, they released a separate statement on October 26 on Facebook saying they “have not received any reports of sexual assaults related to San Uk Ling Holding Centre.” This second statement made no reference to Tsuen Wan police station. 

Hong Kong protests: Sexual violence charity warns of crisis of confidence in police

In addition, they also stated an investigation into the matter showed the complaint did not match the results of the investigation. 

The Association called police actions “unprecedented and deplorable”, adding the investigation must be impartial, professional and confidential. They have also called for the police to retract their comments and to apologise.

After the release of the statement and during a police press conference on Monday, police spokesman John Tse Chun-Chung continued to comment on the evidence, saying “No sign of the complainant entering the police station at the time was found in CCTV footage and we will continue our investigation.”