Hong Kong protests: Demonstrators disrupt traffic and MTR services as classes resume on Wednesday morning

South China Morning Post

Mask-wearing secondary students in Kwun Tong marched and blocked roads, while Tin Shui Wai MTR closed due to a fight

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Protesters block roads in Kwun Tong early on Wednesday morning.

Protesters have responded to online calls to “paralyse” Hong Kong by disrupting road traffic and rail services on Wednesday, with the police siege of a university campus in its fourth day.

A fight broke out at Tin Shui Wai station on Wednesday morning, forcing its closure, and the obstruction of train doors on the Kwun Tong line has caused delays, the city's rail operator said.

Classes resumed at primary and secondary schools on Wednesday, with about 100 students in Kwun Tong marking their return by disrupting traffic at the junction of Hip Wo Street and Tsui Ping Road. Riot police have arrived on the scene.

Mask-wearing secondary students in their school uniforms marched from Kwun Tong MTR station to the intersection. Some blocked roads with bricks, rubbish bins and metal railings.

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It led to flashes of disputes as commuters got off the bus and tried to clear the road.

Nearby in Hip Wo Street, a handful of protesters dressed in black could be seen throwing bricks onto Yue Man Square. Some passers-by chased them off and cleared the area.

Activists had issued calls on social media for protesters to “paralyse the whole of Hong Kong” on Wednesday morning.

Meanwhile, the Transport Department has put on free ferry services and diverted buses to cope with the ongoing closure of the Cross-Harbour Tunnel, which connects Kowloon with Hong Kong Island.