CUHKFAA Chan Chun Ha Secondary School teacher safe after deadly Everest avalanche

By staff writer

When the disaster hit, 24 Hongkongers were exploring Everest. So far 19 of them have been found but five are still missing

By staff writer |

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Ada Tsang suffered minor injuries.

Yesterday morning, a photo of teacher Ada Tsang Yin-hung was posted on CUHKFAA Chan Chun Ha Secondary School's Facebook page, confirming she is safe. Tsang was trapped in the Mount Everest base camp after Saturday's massive earthquake in Nepal caused a deadly avalanche. At the time, 24 Hongkongers were on Everest - 19 of them have been found so far, officials say.

Tsang was among the eight Chinese citizens who were rescued by helicopter from Mount Everest, according to mainland media.

The photo posted showed Tsang sitting wrapped in a blanket, with a caption saying she is safe and currently in hospital receiving treatment for minor injuries.

Hong Kong's Immigration Director Eric Chan Kwok-ki said that Tsang was one of two Hongkongers found safe but injured. He added that five Hongkongers were still missing in Nepal, and officers were trying to locate them.

John Tsang Chi-sing, another Hongkonger who was at the site, said he heard a sudden bang before he witnessed the biggest avalanche he had ever seen.

"We ran immediately back to our dining tent," he said. "Me and my team got lucky and did not get hurt, but everyone was very scared."

Since the quake, he has helped with the rescue of other climbers. "Lots of climbers and sherpas haven't been found. So the rescue is still on," he wrote on his Facebook page.

Students at South Island School are hosting a sponsored run to raise funds for disaster relief in Nepal. "Helping people in Nepal has an extra meaning for us because every year, Year 12 students visit the country to do service in October as part of the school's Make A Difference Week initiative," says Snehaa Easwari, a Year 10 student at the school.