Hong Kong protests: Police arrest 8 teens in Ma On Shan on suspicion of property damage


The group was taken in custody on Wednesday night after reportedly joining a 'Sing with You' pro-democracy activity

Joanne Ma |

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Hong Kong police arrested eight teens on suspicion of property damage in Ma On Shan on Wednesday night.

Police have confirmed that eight teenagers were arrested in Ma On Shan on Wednesday night, after reportedly joining a “Sing with You” activity organised by netizens who had rallied people to sing pro-democracy songs in different districts.

At about 10 pm yesterday, the group was arrested by some masked police officers who were wearing helmets and holding round shields on the Ma On Shan Promenade waterfront park, online videos showed.

Police said they received a case report last night that four shops in Ma On Shan Plaza had been damaged. They subsequently arrested seven males and one female aged between 12 and 17 on Ma On Shan Promenade on suspicion of property damage.

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Among the eight youngsters, a 13-year-old boy was found carrying a spanner and a multi-purpose keychain tool while a pair of scissors was found on a 12-year-old boy. Both of them were arrested for possessing offensive weapons.

A videos circulated online showed that a boy was shouting, “You don’t have any evidence, I really didn’t go into the plaza,” at the police before he was taken away on Ma On Shan Promenade.

The arrested teenagers were also seen shouting their names at the cameras.

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The parents of the arrested teens, Sha Tin district councillors including Ting Tsz-yuen and district councillor-elect Mike Chan Pui-ming, along with some social workers, went to the police station last night to learn more about the situation.

As of 5.30pm on Thursday, six of the arrested teenagers were still in custody at Ma On Shan Police Station, while the remaining two --one male and one female, were injured and had been sent to Prince of Wales Hospital. The Hong Kong Police Public Relations Branch stated they did not know how the injuries were caused.