Hong Kong Instagram accounts to brighten up your feed and your day

By Young Wang

Meet the Hongkongers who have built up thousands of followers on Instagram with their cool and inspiring posts

By Young Wang |

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Everyone has Instagram these days. But not everyone has thousands of followers, or gets hundreds of likes on each photo. If you're looking to liven up your feed, check out these awesome Instagrammers based in Hong Kong.




An 18-year-old student at South Island School, Vivian Wong joined Instagram in December 2012 with a series of "candy skull" doodles and drawings of her favourite Disney figures. From hairstyles and city landscapes, to the books she reads and the YouTube channels she watches, it appears that everything finds its way onto her Instagram, and to her 109k followers.

Over the past year she has also posted 15-second speed-drawing videos. It's interesting to watch her delicate doodles come to life.



Australian expat and DIY fashionista Geneva Vanderzeil has more than 3,000 posts and 114k followers. She posts photos of her DIY abilities, outfits, and travels, and with a mix of artistic and fun photos, really brightens up your feed.

She travels around the world, exploring not only boutique hotels but also local markets. Vanderzeil picks up fashion items and other bits and bobs, then uses her DIY skills to create her unique look and document her lifestyle. Living a life that many dream of, Vanderzeil also runs a blog - apairandasparediy.com - where she writes DIY tutorials and travel guides.


A product designer who moved to Hong Kong from Macau, Varun Thota became instafamous in 2014 with his #mytoyplane project.

The son of a helicopter pilot, Thota took his fascination with planes to Instagram with a series of photos showing a toy aeroplane in the sky.

An early adopter of technology, Thota started Instagramming when it first came out in 2010. Besides #mytoyplane, he also enjoys highlighting the dynamic metropolitan lives of people in Hong Kong and Macau - nothing too stunning or edited, just everyday snaps you might have missed.



Hong Kong is a haven for foodies, but if you can't decide where to eat, check out Daniel, aka Hungry Hong Kong's, feed for inspiration. His food photos always look appetizing.

Sharing his food adventures with 39.4k followers, Daniel loves eating in Hong Kong: everything from Michelin-starred dishes to simple dai pai dongs. He's based in Hong Kong, but he also posts tasty pics of tasty food when travelling.



Hong Kong is always an inspiration for photographers. But instead of focusing on the bustling side of the city, Kyle Yu offers eye-catching photos with clean lines and shapes.

During last year's Occupy Central, Kyle posted a photo of a man walking through the empty Connaught Road Central tunnel, all alone and holding a black umbrella, with the caption, Not alone.

Whatever the IG flavour of the week, Kyle stuck to his own style of calm yet powerful images.

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