CUHK calls off PLA visit after student unions complain

By staff writer, additional reporting by Young Wang

The army's Hong Kong garrison was scheduled to go to Chinese University, but the event was cancelled at the last minute

By staff writer, additional reporting by Young Wang |

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According to The Global Times, a mainland newspaper known for being very nice to Beijing, Chinese University's student union "lacks self-esteem".

This comment followed the university postponing a visit by the Hong Kong section of the People's Liberation Army last Thursday. The visit was supposed to let the students and the soldiers learn about one another.

The university decided that the event would have "failed to achieve its original purpose" after student leaders and alumni complained that it should not be opening its doors to the PLA, which is supposed to be in the city only to protect it. The student union said the event was an effort by the university to be in Beijing's good books and would weaken the institution's autonomy.

The paper was surprised that the student union seemed to be "hostile" to the PLA. "Their attitude is against the spirit of the Constitution and the Basic Law," it said.

The student union sees the opinion piece as "political oppression", said its president Wong Ching-fung last Friday. He feels it confirms that the planned visit was more than a friendly get-together, and in fact, a part of the Communist Party's united front work.