It was right for pro-democracy activist Agnes Chow to be disqualified from the LegCo by-election, says New People’s Party member

South China Morning Post, with additional reporting by Sebastien Raybaud

New People’s Party member Judy Chan Ka-pui says her fellow candidate’s party, Demosisto, broke the rules

South China Morning Post, with additional reporting by Sebastien Raybaud |

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New People's Party member Judy Chan Ka-pui fully supports the decision to ban her fellow candidate.

Judy Chan Ka-pui, a member of Hong Kong’s New People’s Party (NPP), said it was right for her political opponent, Agnes Chow Ting, to be disqualified.

Last Saturday, Hong Kong’s election authorities sparked debate by banning Chow from running in a Legislative Council by-election in March. Chow is a pro-democracy activist  who is very popular among young people.

Chow accused the government of “political screening” after her nomination as a candidate was ruled invalid. This was because her party, Demosisto, had broken the rules against advocating independence by calling for “self-determination” for the city.

Chan told Young Post that once she understood the reasoning behind it, she fully supported the decision to disqualify Chow.

She explained that even though Chow is a candidate and not yet a Legislative Council member, she must still uphold Article 104 of the Basic Law. “This means that saying things about self-determination is no different to [calling for] independence. Members must see that Hong Kong is a part of China,” said Chan.

Chow, 21, was seeking to become the city’s youngest-ever lawmaker by standing for the Hong Kong Island constituency seat left vacant after Demosisto chairman Nathan Law Kwun-chung was disqualified  last year for improper oath-taking.

Asked how Chow’s disqualification affects her own candidacy, Chan said she hopes she can campaign in a peaceful atmosphere.

“After the Baptist University incident and the returning officer’s decision to oust Chow, I have to observe [...] how people are reacting – especially when they seem angry right now,” said the NPP member.

Edited by Charlotte Ames-Ettridge