Hong Kong protests: Live updates from police-approved pro-democracy march organised by Civil Human Rights Front

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Demonstration is the first to get letter of no objection since mid-August

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As the skies turn dark, many protesters are still marching to Central from Causeway Bay in a pro-democracy march organised by the Civil Human Right Front.

The Civil Human Rights Front has organised a Human Rights Day Rally at 3pm today to protest against the government and police for their alleged abuse of power and unfair treatments towards protesters during the six-month anti-government movement.

The march is set to begin at Victoria Park's Central Lawn in Causeway Bay and end at Chater Road Pedestrian Precinct in Central. Organisers was granted a Letter of No Objection on Thursday, which would allow participants to assemble at Central Lawn from 12-6pm, and march on the approved route from 3-10pm.

It is being held two days before Human Rights Day, a day which commemorates the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations General Assembly on December 10, 1948. It is the first march to receive police approval since mid-August.

Follow out live blog of the march below:

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This wraps up our live coverage of the rally. For further updates, go to the South China Morning Post live blog here.


Jimmy Shan Tsz-kit, the convenor of the Front, spoke to reporters in a press conference and announced that more than 800,000 people attended today's pro-democracy rally. The police said that peak attendance was estimated at 183,000 participants.

Photo: Kelly Ho/SCMP


Protesters set up a defence line on Pedder Street in Central with umbrellas, about 100 metres away from the police. One masked protester shouted, "This is the finish point of the march. If you don't leave, how can we leave?"

Photo: Kelly Ho/SCMP


Protesters heckle police on Rodney Street in Admiralty. Police respond by shining powerful flashlights at them.

Photo: Nicola Chan/SCMP


Police raised a blue warning flag in Central stating that the meeting or processionwas in breach of the law and that they may use force. Protesters responded by saying no one was holding protest signs or chanting slogans, so they did not understand why the police said they were taking part in an illegal procession.

Photo: Kelly Ho/SCMP


Riot police officers outside Hang Seng Bank on Des Voeux Road Central have been pointing powerful flashlights at protesters and reporters. Protesters have also shone laser pointers at the police from a distance, but none of those on the receiving end of police flashlights appear to have laser pointers.

Photo: Kelly Ho/SCMP



Protesters altered this wall art of a young girl playing football with cats outside Southern Playground in Wan Chai. They added red paint under the eyes to protest against police use of tear gas, and a dab of red can be seen on their chest to protest against police use of live ammunition. The words read "Return our eyes".

Photo: Nicola Chan/SCMP


Democratic Party member and Legco lawmaker Roy Kwong Chun-yu is seen rooting for protesters in Causeway Bay.

Photo: Nicola Chan/SCMP


A branch of the Chiyu Bank has been vandalised on Hennessy Road. Broken glass is all over the floor and an alarm can be heard.

Photo: Wong Tsui-kai





A protester in a Guy Fawkes mask holds up a giant sign on top of a bus stop. The sign urges non-frontline protesters to do their part by getting ready to go on a long-term strike. The QR codes point users to the relevant informational Facebook group and Telegram channel.

Photo: Nicola Chan/SCMP


As the skies turn dark, many protesters are still marching to Central from Causeway Bay. Some are passing resources, including helmets, to the front.

Photo: Nicola Chan/SCMP





Police have deployed riot officers and a water cannon on Des Voeux Road in Central.

Photo: Rhea Mogul/SCMP
Photo: Rhea Mogul/SCMP


The march organiser Civil Human Rights Front have arrived at the intersection of Chater Road and Peddar Street in Central. They reminded marchers that the intersection was the finish point of the march, and urged them to disperse peacefully as more people were still making their way from Victoria Park. The Letter of No Objection is valid until 10 pm.

Politicians and celebrities were seen with the organiser, including pro-democracy lawmaker Tanya Chan (in purple) and singer-songwriter Anthony Wong Yiu-ming (sunglasses and black t-shirt with yellow umbrella logo).

Photo: Kelly Ho/SCMP





People at the head of the march have reached the designated end point of at Chater Garden, but are marching further into Central.





Photo: Kelly Ho/SCMP

Protesters have made a Lennon Wall quilt outside Pacific Place with anti-government and pro-democracy messages.


Newly-promoted Commissioner of Police Chris Tang Ping-keung was seen speaking to frontline officers on a footbridge near the Wan Chai Police headquarters. He did not respond to protesters who shouted anti-police slogans at them.

Photo: Kelly Ho/SCMP


Protesters have now occupied both Irving Road and Yee Wo Street, while some have decided to continue on Gloucester Road as well.




Photo: Nicola Chan/SCMP

Members of the Professional Teachers Union can be seen participating in the march.


Photo: Wong Tsui-kai/SCMP

Helicopters have been deployed, as protesters on the ground chant slogans such as "Five demands, not one less" and "Liberate Hong Kong, Revolution of our times" in Cantonese.


Photo: Rhea Mogul/SCMP

Riot police in full gear are deployed  near Paterson Street in Causeway Bay.


Photo: Wong Tsui-kai/SCMP

Some people are gathering directly on the streets of Causeway Bay instead of the starting point of Victoria Park.


Jimmy Sham Tsz-kit, the convenor of the Civil Human Rights Front, made a public announcement near the Central Library urging citizens to take part in the march.

"In addition to calling on the government to respond to the five demands and [establish an independent commission of inquiry to] look into police brutality, we must also defend  human rights for our international community," he said.

He added that protesters should keep track of the march's latest arrangement through their official Telegram channel and Facebook page.




Photo: Cable TV News

Hong Kong police have seized weapons, including a 9mm handgun with live ammunition, during raids earlier in the morning. They confirmed they had arrested 11 people aged between 20 and 63.

Police also said they believed the weapons were intended to be used at the march today, and urged people to stay alert during the rally today.


Photo: Rhea Mogul/SCMP

People have begun to gather at the central lawn of Victoria Park. The usual gathering spot is closed because it is being set up for the Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo, which will be held from December 10-31.


Tam Tak-chi, the vice-president of the League of Social Democrats urges citizens to stand up against tyranny at Great George Street in Causeway Bay.
Photo: Nicola Chan/SCMP

Tam Tak-chi, the vice-president of the League of Social Democrats urges citizens to stand up against tyranny at Great George Street in Causeway Bay. Other pan-democratic parties have also set up booths in the area.