Bombs found on Hong Kong school campus safely defused by police; home-made devices contained 10 kg of explosives

South China Morning Post

The bombs were found at Wah Yan College in the Wan Chai district, but police do not believe the school was the intended target

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Police defused home-made bombs found at Wah Yan College in Hong Kong.

Students from Wah Yan College were back at school on Tuesday after two bombs were found on their campus at around 5.30pm on Monday. Police said the devices, which were made with high explosives and nails, were meant to maim and kill people. They also said they did not believe the school was the intended target.

A school janitor spotted the bombs and alerted the police. Bomb disposal officers defused the two home-made devices, which contained 10kg of explosives. They said the bombs had been put together correctly, and were ready to use. They would have had a range of between 50 and 100 metres, possibly further. The nails that had been packed around the explosives would have acted as shrapnel and caused a lot of injuries.

Senior Superintendent Li Kwai-wah of the organised crime and triad bureau said police would find out who made the bombs, why they were placed at a school and whether the incident was related to recent violent cases, especially to a gun and other weapons found on Sunday.

Two men arrested over Hong Kong’s biggest bomb plot are members of pro-independence groups

Five men appeared in court after police seized a firearm on Sunday morning. They were charged with conspiring to wound people. Two face charges of possessing an offensive weapon.

The court heard on Monday that the men planned to station a shooter at Sunday’s march and “slaughter” police officers along the route.

Eleven people in total were arrested on Sunday in what police said was the first protest-related case where a gun had been seized.

The court heard suggestions were made on social messaging app Telegram to place two explosive devices on a section of Hennessy Road between Fleming Road and Stewart Road in Wan Chai, which demonstrators would walk past during the protest.

The home-made bombs contained 10kg of explosives.
Photo: Handout

Maps outlining the conspiracy also showed a proposed gunman – not among the five who appeared in court – stationed nearby, whose task would be to draw police officers out and commence a “slaughter that would mark the first wave of attack,” senior public prosecutor William Siu Kai-yip told the court.

The defendants – unemployed Wong Chun-keung, 21, engineering assistant Ng Chi-hung, 23, Open University student Cheung Chun-fu, 22, transport worker Cheung Ming-yu, 20, and vocational college student Yim Man-him, 21 – were each charged with one count of conspiracy to wound with intent.

Ng faced an additional charge of possession of firearms and ammunition without a licence and possession of offensive weapons or other instrument fit for unlawful purpose.

The prosecution alleged Ng had kept a pistol, four magazines and 106 rounds of ammunition without the required licences at a flat in North Point. They also accused Ng of possessing a samurai knife and two sabre knives at the same flat, with intent to use them for unlawful purposes.

Cheung, who faced a similar second charge, was accused of having 11 extendable batons, four bottles of pepper spray, 13 ceramic plates which are used to make bulletproof vests, firecrackers and a laser pointer, stored in a warehouse in Tsuen Wan.

The defendants did not enter a plea as police needed more time to investigate the case, including reviewing security footage, a forensic examination of the seized firearms and ceramic plates, plus DNA and fingerprint analyses.