Hong Kong Protests: 10 things we didn't know six months ago, but are accustomed to now

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Remember when you didn't assume people wearing masks were heading to protest?

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A lot has happened since the Hong Kong protests began, and many Hong Kong people have had to adapt to much change.

Throughout Hong Kong’s summer of dissent, the people of Hong Kong have had to accept and adapt to a multitude of changes. This not only includes change in policies by the government, but a change in their way of life too. 

Since the protests began in June, Hongkongers have watched the movement grow and evolve. We have seen the enactment - and subsequent lifting - of a ban on masks, a ban on the sale of black-coloured clothing, and the signing of the Human Rights and Democracy Act by US president Donald Trump. 

Through it all, Hongkongers have kept calm and carried on admirably with the “Lion Rock Spirit”. Here are ten things we didn’t know six months ago, but have become the norm now.

1. Remember when weekends were tear-gas free, and we didn’t have to be careful about where we went?

Photo: Sam Tsang/SCMP

2. Or when wearing black was perfectly acceptable and didn’t put you at risk of being searched?

Photo: Handout

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3. Also when wearing blue, white or red didn’t make you look suspicious, or a target for another group

4. Wearing a mask because you are sick was commonplace 

Photo: David Wong/SCMP

5. We didn’t have to worry about catching the last train home, because it would run until late. Sometimes, planning a route can be as complex as trying to turn off auto-correct in WhatsApp

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6. We could go inside the airport to pick up or drop off relatives and friends 

Photo: Josephine Ma/SCMP

7. Talking politics at the dinner table didn’t end in full-blown arguments 

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8. No one had to worry about having their phones seized at the Chinese border and checked for ‘political’ photos

9. People hiked Lion Rock for fun instead of going there to form a human chain as a show of solidarity to support democracy 

Photo: May Tse/SCMP

10. Pepe the frog was a meme before becoming a symbol of the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong

Photo: K.Y. Cheng/SCMP