Countdown to vote on suffrage plan

By staff writer

Helmets and wooden sticks reportedly still lie around the tent area. which police would remove before a rally

By staff writer |

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Civil Human Rights Front and pan-democrats oppose what they call "pseudo-universal suffrage"

Half a year after Occupy Central, around 100 tents are still up on Tim Mei Avenue, from outside the Legislative Council Building to the junction of Tim Mei Avenue and Connaught Road Central, local media reported.

Helmets and wooden sticks are still lying around the tent area, reported Wen Wei Po. The paper called the sticks possible "offensive weapons".

Police have put up notices in the area, asking owners of the objects to contact them as soon as possible. If they continue to be unclaimed, police planned to remove them.

As the reform package is set to be submitted to Legco for final debate on Wednesday, protesters are ready for a rally.

Organised by the Civil Human Rights Front in conjunction with 13 groups including political parties, the Federation of Students, Scholarism and several youth groups formed after the Occupy movement, the major rally which began yesterday, will run to Wednesday and may continue on Thursday or Friday at a public square outside the Legco building.

Organisers say they have no plans for a repeat of road blockades seen in last year's Occupy protests.

Police sources say 7,000 officers with riot gear will be ready to handle any trouble.

Asked what they would do if the universal suffrage reform passes, Daisy Chan Sin-ying, convenor of Civil Human Rights Front, said: "If there is any accident, we won't do anything unlawful."