Pro-Beijing lawmakers walked out of the vote for the reform package - erm ... why?

YP team

In a twist no one saw coming, pro-Beijing lawmakers walked out of LegCo less than a minute before the vote. Maybe one of these was the reason why

YP team |

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Okay, guys, we kind of need people in here to vote!


  • Lunch break - a demonstration of protecting fundamental human rights
  • You know how there’s that stereotype of how girls have to go to the loo in packs? Maybe the same is true of legislators?
  • Maybe they wanted to snap a group photo to save for #TBT next week. Whoops. Won’t be using that one, then ...
  • Have you SEEN the weather? Who wants to be holed up indoors when the sky is that blue?
  • Long Hair prank called all of them and told them their ovens were on and taps were running.
  • The air-con was too cold.
  • They decided they wanted one of those numbered jerseys the pro-Beijing protesters are wearing. Everyone wanted number 689 so they can beg CY to sign it.
  • Is that the ice cream truck song playing outside?
  • Wait, you mean this isn't the place to pick up my commemorative HSBC $150 bill?
  • You know what's more fun that voting on the reform? Going to the movies together to watch Pitch Perfect 2! Let's go!
  • Did they say we can walk out before or after we vote? I'm sure it was before.
  • The Last Five Years opens today, you guys!!! Young Post gave it four out of five stars, let’s gooooooo.
  • They were told Uncle Benjen was alive!
  • They thought they were given time to discuss plans before they cast their votes.
  • Wait, we have work to do? I thought it was time for a break!
  • They heard their [email protected] Super JETSO points were about to expire and ran off to claim their one free ice cream cone.