Majority of people unhappy with Hong Kong government, survey finds


A poll by Chinese University found that more people are unsatisfied with Carrie Lam, Matthew Cheung now compared to this time last year

Joanne Ma |

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A recent survey found that nearly 70 per cent of people are dissatisfied with the Hong Kong government.

Only one-tenth of the city's residents are satisfied with the Hong Kong government, a university survey found.

Between the period of December 16 to 20, the Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) conducted a telephone survey, involving 708 respondents aged 18 or above. The questions revolved around the popularity of the Hong Kong government.

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According to the results, 10.6 per cent of the 708 respondents expressed satisfaction towards the HKSAR Government, 69.6 per cent said they were dissatisfied, and 19.4 per cent answered ‘in-between’. The corresponding figures for November 2019 were similar. They were 10.0, 70.4, and 19.2 per cent respectively.

However, when compared with the figures from the same month last year, 28.8 per cent, the percentage of satisfaction over the past month is substantially lower. 

The rating of Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor stood at 22.2 on average, with the scale ranging from zero to 100, with 50 being the passing score, according to the same survey. The rating was slightly lower than the rating in November, which was 22.4. There was also a marked difference between the scores collected recently and those from last year. According to the survey findings, the rating for Lam was 52.7 in December last year.

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The ratings for the Chief Secretary for Administration Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po and Secretary for Justice Teresa Cheng Yeuk-wah in December 2019 were 28.7, 26.3 and 15.9 respectively.

The survey also revealed that out of the 708 respondents, only 14.8 per cent showed trust in the Hong Kong Government and 59.0 per cent expressed distrust, while 24.7 per cent answered ‘in-between’.

Regarding the level of trust in the Central Government, 13.7 per cent said they trusted it, 58.4 per cent answered the opposite, and 23.1 per cent said ‘in-between’. It was a significant drop from last year’s results of 22.8 per cent trusting the Central Government and 40 per cent not trusting it.