Hong Kong protests: Rallies planned for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day


Anti-government protesters call for large demonstration via Telegram and Instagram

Joanne Ma |

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The first “Hong Kong Way” rally was held on August 23.

From “New Year’s Eve Hong Kong Way” to “New Year’s Day’s March”, netizens have called on the people of Hong Kong to join an array of pro-democracy protests to welcome the new year, despite the clashes that took place at Christmas.

Netizens have rallied people on social media sites, such as Telegram and Instagram, to join the “Hong Kong Way” that’s set to happen on Tuesday. According to the information spread on Telegram, participants will start gathering at different MTR stations at 7pm. The activity aims to mimic the Baltic Way, a peaceful demonstration which was a part of the Baltic states’ pro-independence movement 30 years ago.

Back on August 23, Hongkongers held the first Hong Kong Way in hopes of drawing more attention to the anti-extradition bill movement.

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Tomorrow also marks the four-month anniversary of the August 31 Prince Edward MTR Station incident. That day, Hong Kong police reportedly attacked passengers indiscriminately inside the station, following a protest that took place earlier in the day.

Hongkongers have been asking the MTR to provide CCTV footage of what happened after rumours emerged that the police had killed some people that night at the station. Critics say some of the footage is missing. People are expected to gather at the station on Tuesday to commemorate the event.

On New Year’s Day, there will be a march organised by the Civil Human Rights Front to reiterate the people’s five demands. The march is set to begin at 2pm at Victoria Park, and end at Chater Road Pedestrian Precinct in Central. As of noon Friday, the letter of no objection is still pending.

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The Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union has also planned a rally to protest against the white terror created by the recent arrests of teachers. It will be held on January 3 from 7pm to 9pm at Edinburgh Place. The union is still awaiting the letter of no objection from the police, as of noon Friday.

Meanwhile, between last Tuesday and Thursday, police said they had arrested more than 310 people, 165 of them on Christmas Eve, on suspicion of taking part in an illegal assembly.