Don't be fooled by today's weather - it's going to get colder

By YP Staff

Expect to see low temperatures of about 16 degrees Celsius at the beginning of next week

By YP Staff |

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Expect to see cloudy skies and chilly weather for the next week.

While we're starting the week off with warmer weather, don't get too cosy - it's going to get chilly again soon.

Today will bring a high of 25 degrees Celsius and a low of 20, but over the next few days leading into the weekend, the temperature will drop, with highs ranging from 21-23 degress Celsius and lows of about 18 degrees. Starting Sunday, lows will drop to about 16 degrees Celcius, with highs ranging from 19 - 20 degrees. 

There will also be cloudy skies with sunny periods over the week and patches of rain on Sunday.