Hong Kong teenager arrested for throwing petrol bombs in Yuen Long

The 15-year-old attempted to flee the scene, but was caught by police

Kelly Ho |

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Petrol bombs, like this one found on the campus of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, are an increasingly common sight in Hong Kong since the start of the protests.

A 15-year-old boy has been arrested for hurling petrol bombs in Yuen Long during the early hours of Wednesday; no one was injured in the incident.

At around 1am, an eyewitness reported to the police that a teenager had thrown three petrol bombs on Fung Cheung Road outside Grand Del Sol, which is opposite to the Yuen Long Fire Station and Yuen Long Ambulance Depot.

The teenager fled the scene afterwards, but was caught by police patrolling nearby on Fung Kam Street outside Fortune Centre. Police found two lighters, some gloves, five towels and one pair of scissors on the suspect.

After initial investigations, police arrested the teenager for suspected connection with arson, possession of instruments fit for unlawful purpose and failure to produce proof of identity. The teenager remains in custody and the case is now being followed up by the Yuen Long District Investigation Team.