Cold weather predicted for Chinese New Year

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Expect to see low temperatures of 13 degrees Celsius next week

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Bundle up! It's going to get cold in Hong Kong.

Bundle up - the Year of the Rat is kicking off with a chill as temperatures are set to drop to 13 degrees Celsius. 

While the weather will remain warmer for the rest of the week - with highs hitting 25 degrees and lows of 20 degrees on Thursday and Friday, things will start to cool down on Saturday, with lows of 19 degrees. By Monday, highs will reach 16 degrees, with lows dropping down to 13 degrees. While the highs will increase slightly over the rest of the week, eventually hitting 19 degrees, low temperatures will remain at 13 degrees until at least next Friday. 

We can expect to see mostly cloudy weather with occasional patches of rain over the next week.