Ocean Park Hong Kong welcomes three baby gentoo penguins, just in time for Chinese New Year


They will become the latest animal ambassadors for the marine-life theme park

Rhea Mogul |

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Born in January 2020, the gentoo penguin babies are joining other animal ambassadors at Ocean Park.

Three gentoo penguin babies were born at Ocean Park earlier this month, and will become the latest animal ambassadors for the Hong Kong theme park.

The three babies are in good health, and are being well looked after by their parents, according to a statement released by the park on Thursday. One of the babies hatched on January 1.

Ocean Park Hong Kong to stop dolphin show and other live animal performances

Gentoo penguins face survival threats in the wild, due to human disturbance and global warming. The penguins will be kept in the park and visitors will be able to see them in their enclosure.

The news comes one week after the park revealed that they would stop its dolphin show, much to the praise of animal activists in the city. The dolphins will however remain at the park, and will move to a new enclosure for "underwater viewing opportunities". 

An attentive parent nurses a baby gentoo penguin at Ocean Park Hong Kong.
Photo courtesy of Ocean Park

Ocean Park has recently received a HK$10.64 billion bailout from the government, after the park revealed that it had been operating at a loss since 2015, and suffered financially during ongoing anti-government protests.

The penguins will join two capybaras named Hotaru and Samba in becoming animal ambassadors for the park to celebrate the Year of the Rat. Capybaras are the world's largest rodents and a highly social species that are related to guinea pigs and chinchillas.

Ocean Park also houses two capybaras, which are the largest rodents in the world.
Photo courtesy of Ocean Park