Wuhan virus: No Hong Kong universities report confirmed cases


Suspected cases at City University and Baptist University tested negative for the coronavirus

Wong Tsui-kai |

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The government is on high alert as more outbreaks might come.

According to information from various universities and the government Centre for Health Protection under the Department of Health, Hong Kong’s universities are free of coronavirus cases as of Tuesday.

Hong Kong University had reported a student was a potential case under the infection protocols. City University confirmed a suspected ill student tested negative for the novel virus, and Baptist University confirmed a suspected case was influenza related.

Wuhan virus: Carrie Lam declares highest state of emergency response, closes schools until February 17

So far, the CHP has confirmed eight cases in Hong Kong, listing the buildings where people with confirmed cases of infections have stayed. This list does not include any universities.

In response to the epidemic, primary and secondary schools have been suspended until February 17 while HKU, CityU, HKBU and Polytechnic University have announced that classes will take place remotely or are suspended until that date.