Hong Kong protests: Petrol bombs thrown at Kwai Chung Police Station in second attack of the day

South China Morning Post

Video footage showed three people lighting the bombs while hiding behind flower beds outside Kwai Fong Plaza

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Three protesters throw petrol bombs at Kwai Chung Police Station on January 29.

Three petrol bombs were thrown at Kwai Chung Police Station on Wednesday night – the second such attack of the day.

Video footage from a security camera overlooking Kwai Foo Road showed three people in black clothes with their faces covered appearing outside Kwai Fong Plaza and hiding behind a flower bed before igniting and throwing three bombs at the police station at about 8pm.

The bombs all landed and exploded on the road outside the entrance of the station’s car park, with the attackers immediately fleeing.

No one was injured.

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Debris and a metallic container were left at the scene, along with a charred road.

A police spokesman condemned the “radical acts” that it said had seriously endangered the safety of the citizens and road users. A Kwai Tsing district team was investigating a case of arson.

At about 5am on Wednesday, a similar attack happened at Tin Shui Wai Police Station, with no one hurt. Police were looking for four people in relation to the first attack.