Hong Kong weather to turn cloudy and cold


The Hong Kong Observatory also says to expect patches of rain for the next few days

Wong Tsui-kai |

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The weather in Hong Kong will turn cloudy and cold over the next few days.

Update [Febuarary 13]

What effect the cold will have on the Covid-19 virus outbreak is still unknown.

“Scientific information on the impact of weather on the survival and transmission of the novel coronavirus, as well as the susceptibility of the population is very limited at the present moment. More research is required to understand the potential impact,” a spokesman for the Department of Health said in a written reply to questions.

The Hong Kong Observatory says the temperature will drop on Sunday after a relatively warm week and a rainy weekend.

Under the influence of an upper-air disturbance, there will be thunderstorms over southern China in the next couple of days, the weather bureau says. The city can expect cloudy and foggy weather along with patches of heavy rain for the next few days.

“A cold front is expected to move across the south China coast during the weekend, and the associated intense winter monsoon will bring cold and dry weather to the region early to midweek next week,” the Observatory said in a statement.

Temperatures are expected to fall to 13 degrees Celsius on Sunday and to 11 degrees the next day. Rain is likely to persist until Monday.

It will be chilly until around next Thursday, with sunny periods from then on.

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While it may be tempting to have a hotpot dinner with friends and family during the cold snap, medical experts have advised people to avoid meals and social activities that involve large crowds.

The Centre for Health Protection says seasonal influenza could last until April, so people should take precautions, such as maintaining good hygiene.