Coronavirus outbreak: Men with knives steal 600 toilet paper rolls from Wellcome


As people panic buy basic necessities, three men rob a Mong Kok grocery store of HKD$1600 worth of bathroom tissue

Joanne Ma |

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A man walks past new stock of toilet paper with his bags of toilet paper at Wellcome supermarket in Causeway Bay.

Three men robbed 600 toilet paper rolls at about 5am from a supermarket in Mong Kok before it opened today.

People in Hong Kong have been snapping up surgical masks and toilet paper rolls amidst the coronavirus outbreak. At supermarket Wellcome on Mong Kok Road this morning, a total of 600 toilet paper rolls, packaged in 50 bags, were robbed. The estimated loss was more than HKD$1,600.

Key terms to know about the coronavirus outbreak

According to local media reports, a delivery man placed a restock of daily necessity products at the entrance of the supermarket, including the toilet paper rolls, while he waited for it to open. After 15 minutes, three masked men, reportedly wearing baseball caps and appearing to be in their 20s, arrived. One of them pointed two knives at the delivery staff, while the other two moved 50 packs of Virjoy toilet paper rolls to a trolley. They went towards Sai Yee Street with all the toilet paper rolls.

Local media say the trio only robbed 50 packs of toilet paper rolls, leaving behind all the other necessities, such as the remaining toilet paper rolls and soft drinks, at the scene.

The police received a report by about 6am. As of 12.30pm, the police said two people have been arrested.

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