Coronavirus: University of Hong Kong launches online learning programme for students during class suspension


Students can also watch Facebook live sessions with top scorers to learn more about the HKDSE and IB assessments

Joanne Ma |

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As school suspensions remain in place, students are relying on online learning to keep up their studies.

The University of Hong Kong has launched online programmes for secondary school students to learn at home amidst the class suspension due to the global coronavirus outbreak.

One of the initiatives is an online course platform called “"HKU Cloud-based Learning", where students can enroll in courses with topics ranging from medicine to humanities. The university said this would be an invaluable opportunity for students to learn from some renowned HKU professors and have a taste of university lectures at home.

Most courses require about four to five weeks to complete. There will be online discussions and quizzes along the way. Apart from the ongoing courses, students can also gain access to the class materials for the archived courses once they register for free.

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The online courses cover trending topics, such as: "Epidemics I & II" from the HKU Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine; "Making Sense of News" with the HKU Journalism and Media Studies Centre; and "Blockchain and FinTech: Basics, Applications, and Limitations" from the HKU Faculty of Engineering.

Apart from the online classes, students could also tune in to their Facebook Live videos where the university will invite past HKDSE and IB top scorers to share their preparation and time allocation strategies, especially when the HKDSE examination schedule is still uncertain now. The HKDSE session will be held at 11.30am on February 26, while the IB session will be at 11.30am on March 4. 

Meanwhile, more than 40 HKU Student Ambassadors from different faculties have also launched "IG Homework Chatroom" on Instagram to take questions from students or even HKDSE candidates who encounter difficulties when studying at home.