Coronavirus: School closures in Hong Kong to extend beyond Easter

South China Morning Post

Education chiefs face decision over written tests for university entrance exams, scheduled to begin on March 27

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The DSE remains scheduled to take place from March, but it could still change.

Hong Kong school closures will be extended until the end of the Easter holiday, though education officials were inclined to hold written tests for university entrance exams as planned from March 27 onwards.

Classes at kindergartens and primary and secondary schools will be suspended until after the break in mid-April at the earliest, a source said. This year, Easter Sunday falls on April 12.

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus in the city, the Education Bureau earlier this month extended existing class suspensions at all kindergartens and schools for two more weeks until March 16. It was also mulling two options for the Diploma of Secondary Education exams, used for university entrance.

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The first option is postponing a few tests, but keeping the original schedule for most subjects, with written tests to begin from March 27. The second is to delay the written exams for a month, starting on April 24, and cancelling the Chinese and English oral exams.

Two sources said the education sector was inclined to adopt the first option, since it would cause less disruption for both students and the examination authorities.

Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung Yun-hung and secretary general of the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority So Kwok-sang were expected to announce the decision at 2pm on Tuesday.