HK$120 billion relief package includes HK$10,000 handout for each permanent resident over 18

South China Morning Post

The government hopes to ease the burden the coronavirus has put on individuals and companies, while saving jobs

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Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po is announcing a huge relief package for Hongkongers.

Hong Kong permanent residents aged 18 and above will each receive a cash handout of HK$10,000 in a HK$120 billion relief deal rolled out by the government to ease the burden on individuals and companies, while saving jobs.

Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po is expected to announce the handout during his budget speech at 11am on Wednesday while offering a full guarantee on loans taken out by companies to pay wages and taxes.

He is under intense pressure from lawmakers to dose out a heavier aid to help the city ride out of the economic slump.

The relief package doubles the amount from last year.

While most of you are probably too young to qualify, your parents may benefit from the handout! Time to ask for a new video game?