Coronavirus: Are Hong Kong students in a self-imposed quarantine or are they going outside?


Some students have been forbidden from leaving the flat by their parents

Rhea Mogul |

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While many Hongkongers are staying home amid the outbreak of the coronavirus, the city isn't technically in lockdown. However, some students have been staying at home and avoiding meeting their friends in fear of cotracting the virus. 

We spoke to some students in Hong Kong to see whether they have been staying at home, or heading out as they would regularly. 

Personally, I like going outdoors but due to the coronavirus, I would rather stay at home (even though I'm not under lockdown) because I think I'll need a lot of time to prepare to go outside, like wearing a mask and taking hand sanitiser. Sometimes, my sister, mother and I go to the harbourfront for a jog. It's good to breathe the fresh air!

Ice Chow Sze-lok, 12, St. Mary's Canossian School

Where I live, it is okay to go out. We live in the countryside, so we always go out for walks. My mum is a teacher, and she is encouraging kids to go outside, but some of them are not allowed, because their parents are worried about the virus. Where I live, Sai Kung, is not usually busy, but I have noticed that a lot of people are coming to Sai Kung to go out for walks. 

Charlie Jackson, 12, Renaissance College Hong Kong

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I am currently in Japan, so I’m allowed to go out if I want to. However, Japan has more cases of coronavirus-infected patients than Hong Kong, so the prospect of walking on the street with an infected person or touching a door handle that an infected person might have touched earlier really scares me. So although I’m not under lockdown, I try to stay inside as much as possible. 

Yuri Kurosawa, 16, Harrow International School

I'm allowed outside as long as I wear a mask, but I don't see much reason to go out nowadays.

Annie Kim, 16, Harrow International School

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I'm only allowed outside my flat with my parents. It feels good to take a breather (with a mask, of course.) I think that it is essential to stay safe and healthy under lockdown, but it is equally important to maintain a healthy environment. I try not to turn into a slug at home by designating work and rest areas, like the living room and bedroom, and exercising. 

Jenna Chan, 15, Renaissance College

I am allowed outside but I have been staying home quite a lot. When I do go out, it's for my dance classes that I have three times a week.

Hannah Fennelly, 13, South Island School

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I am not allowed out of my house. I would like to get out of my house, but my parents have disagreed about letting me out, with a four week streak at home under my belt. I want to go out and ride my bike because there is a bike lane near me, but as I said, I haven't left. It gets quite boring as there is nothing much to do at home, other than play Minecraft. I do have a gym bike at home, but  I can't go anywhere on it and I do not see any point in making an effort when I'm going nowhere.

Dennis Chow, 15, King George V School

I am allowed outside my house. I still go for three of my extra curricular activities, but there are barely any people there. 

Vera Tanna, 12, Renaissance College Hong Kong