Hong Kong to see 10-degree drop in weather


The city can expect rain during the week and lows of 16 degrees Celsius

Joanne Ma |

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You'll need your umbrella and jacket this week.

Hong Kong is expecting a 10-degree drop in temperature this week.

On Sunday, the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) recorded the maximum air temperature at 26.6 degrees Celsius at its station. In other places around the city, like Tai Mei Tuk and Yuen Long Park, the highest temperatures recorded were 29.9 and 29 degrees Celsius respectively.

However, starting from today, a fresh to strong easterly airstream will affect the coast of Guangdong. It will be cloudier and slightly cooler over the region. Also, under the influence of the northeast monsoon, Hong Kong will be seeing a few rain patches midweek.

HKO says a maritime airstream is expected to bring warm and humid weather to the coast of Guangdong during the weekend to early next week.

This Thursday, the temperature is expected to drop to a low of 16 degrees Celsius, according to HKO’s weather forecast.