What's happening in this picture? [March 2, 2020 answer]


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Were you able to guess what was in this picture?

This week, thousands of people are flooding the streets of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil to celebrate Carnival with costumes, floats, dances, and music. Carnival season signifies the beginning of Lent, or the 40 days leading up to Easter. It is celebrated in many Christian countries. 

Another city famous for its festivities is Venice in Italy. Sadly, this year’s celebrations have been cancelled as the country contends with a rising number of coronavirus cases. Still, this hasn’t stopped some revellers from swapping their surgical masks for Venetian ones and hitting the streets!

This person is standing on Venice’s famous San Marco pier, dressed in a traditional Venetian mask and gown. It is common in Venice to wear very ornate costumes, with rich fabrics and beads. 

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