HKDSE 2018: Hong Kong's first ever 'super top scorer' achieves a 5** in eight subjects, and nine top students score eight

Of the nine, one achieved super top scorer status with eight perfect scores

Nicola Chan |

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The board of directors for the HKDSE exams at the press conference in Wanchai today.

Nine students obtained top scores in the Hong Kong Diploma for Secondary Education (HKDSE) examination this year, with five boys and three girls obtaining the highest score of 5** in the four core subjects and three electives.

One male student also achieved “super top scorer” status with nine 5**s, achieving perfect scores in four core subjects, four electives, and the Maths Extended section. This is the first time anyone has achieved this in the history of the HKDSE.

A total of 83 high achievers obtained 5** in five subjects or more, while 17 students with special education needs achieved 5** in two or more subjects.

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51,636 day school and 7364 private candidates sat the exam, which is about four per cent less than the total number last year.

Of these candidates, 21,264 day school candidates (42.2 per cent) met the general admission threshold for the eight government-funded universities. The figure increased by 1.3 per cent, compared to last year. They obtained at least a Level 3 in Chinese Language and English Language, and at least Level 2 in Maths and Liberal Studies.

Among these students, 14, 060 students scored 19 or above in their best five subjects.

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They will compete for 15,000 government-funded undergraduate places, meaning about 70.5 per cent of the qualified candidates will be able secure a place if they choose to remain in Hong Kong. Those who don’t secure a place for a government-funded programme may consider applying for a non-JUPAS self-financed bachelor’s degree, associate degree, or higher diploma programmes under the HK$30,000 subsidy scheme.

A total of 35,179 school candidates (71.6  per cent) scored at least 2 in five subjects which include Chinese language and English language, 1.9 per cent higher than last year. These students are eligible to apply for sub-degree programmes, but without the government subsidy.

There were two serious cases of cheating this year. One candidate was disqualified from the whole examination, the first case in the history of the HKDSE, while another was disqualified in one subject.

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But the number of students bringing unauthorised materials to examination centres has decreased significantly this year.

HKEAA’s School Examinations and Assessment general manager Margaret Hui attributed it to the various reminders made available for students in HKEAA’s blog post, the examination handbook, as well as the announcement of invigilators.

The oldest candidate taking the exam was 66 years old, while the youngest was 11.

Edited by Jamie Lam