HSBC's mobile payment app PayMe now works for teens

  • The service is available to anyone in the city with a Hong Kong ID card and local bank account
  • Similar to Venmo in the US, it allows users to send and request money, and split bills with others
Wong Tsui-kai |

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Stock photo of e-payments

PayMe is finally, finally available for teens! Gone are the days of making sure you have enough cash when you go out for dinner, or reminding your friends they still owe you for that last karaoke session, way back at Chinese New Year. Your parents can even use it to send you your allowance. Plus, you can add emoji to your payments, adding an element of fun to something so routine.

HSBC today announced that the electronic mobile payment app had opened to 16 year olds. According to the official website, there are nearly 2 million users.

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“The registration process for PayMe is exactly the same for all customers, regardless of age,” their website says. “Firstly, you’ll need to download the PayMe app from the App Store or Google Play and follow the steps to register. You’ll need your mobile phone number, HKID and a bank account or supplementary credit card which is not linked to another PayMe account to top up from.”

“If you’re under 18, please consult your parents or guardians before you give us any information about yourself.”

While the app is said to be powered by security and fraud prevention technology, follow the same rules you should use with any online transactions: don't share your password, bank account details with anyone, or store it on your phone; don't leave your phone or laptop unattended when you're logged into the app, and only use the official app, downloaded from the official app stores.