Hong Kong government invests HK$1.5 billion in local mask manufacturers to fight coronavirus

  • More than 40 million new masks will be produced locally each month to help prevent spread of Covid-19
  • It also assured that the reusable CuMask is sterile and high quality
Wong Tsui-kai |

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The government announced it will give money to local companies producing masks.

The Hong Kong government’s efforts to provide residents with masks are continuing.

The government’s HK$1.5 billion mask production subsidy scheme for Hong Kong manufacturers will enable the production of surgical masks to begin late this month, the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau said on Tuesday. 

The news comes after the government’s move to hand out free, reusable masks to the city’s 7.5 million inhabitants.

Too little, too late for Hong Kong’s free masks?

Under the new subsidy scheme, more than 40 million masks will be produced each month once all  20 production lines are working at full capacity, with 7.65 million being sold to the public and the rest going to the government. Currently, nine lines have been certified to meet required standards of filtration. 

Wearing masks is viewed by some scientists as beneficial in the fight against Covid-19 infection. 

Carrie Lam denies social distancing extension a way to suppress protests 

“The findings implied to the world and the public that the effectiveness of mask-wearing against the coronavirus pandemic is huge,” he said. The study found that using mask barriers between cages of hamsters could reduce the transmission of the virus by 50 per cent. But Yuen reminded the public to remain alert and continue social distancing. He warned the public that even with masks, there is a risk of infection.

Meanwhile, the Innovation and Technology Bureau has assured the quality of the government’s reusable masks. It said the masks were sterilised with ozone and made according to high standards after a photo on social media claimed that a mask received was mouldy. 

“The manufacturer responsible for the mass production of CuMask+️is certified to the ISO 9001 quality management system. Quality control is in place during production. Should any defect or stain be found in the process, the masks produced will not pass the quality requirement,” the spokesman said.

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