Hong Kong university heads release statement saying they ‘understand’ new national security law

  • The heads of City University, HKUST and Baptist University did not sign the document
  • The statement says they fully support ‘One Country, Two Systems’ and value the freedom of speech in the city
Wong Tsui-kai |

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The Chinese National People's Congress approved the proposed introduction of the mainland's national security law in Hong Kong during its closing session at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on May 28, 2020. (Photo: Kyodo)

Five university heads have put out a statement responding to the upcoming national security legislation for Hong Kong.

“The stability and prosperity of our country and our city are of paramount importance to the future of our younger generation. A safe and stable social environment, a robust legal system, the rule of law, maintenance of law and order, as well as inclusiveness and diversity are key to Hong Kong’s long-term development. We fully support “One Country, Two Systems”, understand the need for national security legislation, and value the freedom of speech, of the press, of publication, of assembly, and other rights the Basic Law confers upon the people of Hong Kong.”

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“Our universities will continue to stand fast in upholding the principles of academic freedom and institutional autonomy, as well as promoting academic excellence and embracing diversity, and contributing to society,” the statement read.

It was signed by Leonard Cheng Kwok-hon of Lingnan University, Rocky Tuan Sung-chi of Chinese University, Stephen Cheung Yan-leung of The Education University of Hong Kong, Teng Jin-Guang, of Polytechnic University and Zhang Xiang, of the University of Hong Kong.

The heads of City University, Way Kuo; University of Science and Technology, Wei Shyy; and Baptist University, Roland Chin Tai-hong, did not sign.