Hong Kong students await HKDSE results during third wave of Covid-19

  • Teens worry about the coronavirus and test scores as they wait for their results to be released
  • Schools will keep to social distancing rules to keep contact to a minimum
Wong Tsui-kai |

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Students at La Salle College in Kowloon Tong react upon receiving their DSE results. Photo: SCMP / Winson Wong

This year’s HKDSE results are expected to be released next Wednesday amid a potential “third wave” of Covid-19 infections.

Some schools have informed students of a staggered release of their results to minimise social contact should the situation worsen. 

Starsky Ng Ka-hin, 18, told Young Post his school plans to follow the usual practice of students going to their own classrooms to receive results, but will assign time slots for small groups of students if necessary. 

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“I’m quite worried about the pandemic situation,” he said, adding that a friend he had contact with tested negative after being quarantined with symptoms. 

“I’ve heard people saying Hong Kong has let the virus in. It sounds scary.”

While the situation has affected his social life and home isolation has “made it hard to kill time”, Starsky is generally optimistic about his results and not too stressed, unlike some of his friends. 

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“I have classmates that have trouble sleeping. Being stuck at home is probably not helping.”

Nester Chik, 18, said he was not worried either, and is confident about his school’s anti-epidemic measures. “But there is definitely some stress, not about the results, but about the overall social situation,” he said. 

“I don’t know what changes are coming and how they will affect my future,” he added. 

Not everyone is so calm about their grades.

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“Of course I’m nervous,” said a candidate who wishes to remain anonymous. “Just because I know I can’t do anything more to improve my grades doesn’t mean I won’t get nervous. [The results will have] a big influence on my future.”

“The virus is also quite worrying,” he added, saying his school has not yet given updates on their plans. “The situation is serious, and when the grades are given out, there are going to be students, parents and teachers. Lots of people. The situation could get quite bad.”

The candidate, who plans to study at a local university, said he prefers studying at school to e-learning as he can easily get distracted at home. 

“I feel, no matter what, I’ll be affected,” he added. 

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