Hong Kong’s annual children’s rights event open for registration

  • The annual Children’s Council offers the city’s youth a platform to debate social issues
  • The teen-focused day is organised by charities including Against Child Abuse
Wong Tsui-kai |

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Fifty-one young councillors gathered at Legco to discuss proposed policies on youth-related issues. Photo: Children’s Council 2018

The 15th annual Children’s Council, an event which offers young people a platform to debate the issues of the day, has opened for registration.

The event, organised by local NGOs Against Child Abuse and Hong Kong Committee on Children’s Rights, is expected to take place in January, with registration closing on September 28.

Students aged 13 to 17 from across Hong Kong are invited to apply for one of the 40 spots on this year’s council, and short-listed applicants will interviewed.

The participants will be taught to prepare motions for presentation in a formal setting, doing research and interviews and, finally, discussing and voting for them.

HK students on the Children’s Council experience first-hand what really goes on in LegCo

Billy Wong Wai-yuk, Executive Secretary of the committee believes there are very few platforms for minors to engage in this type of debate, as there isn’t much trust in their capabilities.

“This is exactly why we work to have this platform, to show that children can make rational arguments on serious issues,” she said. “Especially now with the current social events. They are stakeholders [in society].”

Registration details can be found on their website and Facebook page.

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