Hong Kong kindergartens to close for two weeks due to common cold outbreak

  • 129 respiratory infections have been recorded so far this week, clustered around kindergartens and childcare centres
  • Lawmakers will closely monitor the situation at primary schools and won’t rule out large-scale class suspensions
South China Morning Post |

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An outbreak of respiratory infections centred around kindergartens means they will close down for two weeks.

Kindergartens in Hong Kong will close for two weeks, beginning Saturday, due to outbreaks of upper respiratory tract infections.

So far this week, there have been 129 respiratory infection outbreaks, primarily involving the common cold but with symptoms similar to Covid-19. Most of the clusters have been at kindergartens.

A government source said: “In view of heightened URTI outbreaks and as a precautionary Covid-19 epidemic control measure, kindergartens and childcare centres will be suspended for 14 days from Saturday.

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“The government will closely monitor the situation in primary schools.”

URTIs refer to any infectious disease of the upper respiratory tract. The source said the outbreaks logged in Hong Kong this week involved the common cold.

Ahead of the announcement, Secretary for Food and Health Sophia Chan Siu-chee told lawmakers at the Legislative Council on Thursday morning that authorities were closely monitoring the situation and would not rule out a large-scale suspension of classes.