Hong Kong residents in Guangdong and Macau can return without having to quarantine

  • Adult residents can apply for the Return2hk Scheme online; those under 18 can only apply through their guardians
  • Applicants would have to test negative for Covid-19 three days before crossing the border
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Some Hongkongers are nervous about a fourth wave of coronavirus infections caused by people exempted from quarantine. Photo: K.Y. Cheng

Hong Kong residents living in Macau or Guangdong can sign up for the quarantine-free travel scheme which allows them to return to the city from Monday, at the earliest. This is in addition to the Hong Kong-Singapore travel bubble, which will be launched on Sunday.

Under the “Return2hk Scheme” which started yesterday, adult residents can apply online to come back without undergoing the mandatory 14-day quarantine. They have to test negative for Covid-19 virus 72 hours before crossing the border.

A daily quota of 3,000 people has been set for the Shenzhen Bay Port crossing, while the Hong Kong Port section of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge can admit 2,000.

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Returning residents are required to preregister online. Citizens under 18 have to apply through their parents or guardians.

The news came as the city recorded nine new Covid-19 cases today, including three local cases and one untraced source of infection of a 76-year-old taxi driver.

Netizens on local forum LIHKG said they are worried that such a quarantine-free travel scheme would “lead to a fourth wave of the coronavirus” in Hong Kong.

“Untraceable cases come from people who are exempted from quarantine,” one user said.

Meanwhile, a temporary 800-bed coronavirus hospital near Hong Kong airport will be ready to open its doors in January. The facility should be able to cope in case there are potential waves of Covid-19 cases, Secretary for Development Michael Wong Wai-lun said in his official blog.

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