Winter is coming – or at least cooler weather – to Hong Kong as summer heat set to drop

  • November 2020 has been particularly warm, with several days with maximum temperatures of around 30 degrees Celsius
  • HKO website shows the first week of December forecast to remain cooler, with predicted maximums of 25C or below
Karly Cox |

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There have been some stunningly beautiful – but hot – days this month. Photo: SCMP/Martin Chan

The unseasonal warmth is due to ease off from Sunday, with the Hong Kong Observatory forecasting temperatures to drop from an expected maximum of 25 degrees Celsius on Saturday to a minimum of 17 degrees on Sunday.

The mean maximum temperature this month has been 26.8 degrees Celsius, with an overall mean temperature of 24 and mean minimum of 22.2 Celsius. This is slightly warmer than November last year, when the mean maximum was 26.1 C, the mean was 23 C, and the mean minimum was 21 C.

There were eight days this month when the maximum temperature measured was above 28 C, with a high of 30.2 C being measured on November 7.

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Both years are well above the Observatory’s “normal” rates based on averages recorded between 1981 and 2010. Those figures are 24.1 C, 21.8 C and 19.8 C respectively.

The weather will remain fine in the coming week, under the influence of the north-east monsoon. Windy weather is expected around coastal areas.

Other places in the world have also experienced unusually warm weather. The United States is expecting to report above-average temperatures for most of the country, according to the government weather agency, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.