Explainer: What are Hong Kong’s Covid-19 social distancing rules during the holiday season?

  • The fourth wave of coronavirus means family meals at restaurants are off for Christmas, as the city sees the toughest restrictions since July
  • The government recommends not having people from other households over to celebrate
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As the fourth wave of Covid-19 ravages the city, Hong Kong is seeing some of the toughest social distancing restrictions since July.

Battered by a fourth wave of Covid-19 fuelled by local infections, Hong Kong has ramped up social-distancing measures to their toughest levels since July.

So, what can we and can’t we do under the latest rules?


Walk outdoors
Go for a bike ride
Get together with people from your own household
Go on a family shopping trip
Go on a family hiking trip
Book drop-offs
Get books from some self-service library stations
Get e-books via the Hong Kong public library’s online database

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Yep, but ...

Go out with friends – only two people can gather at a time in public
Have friends over, but the government would prefer it if you did not
Have a family feast – before 6pm, because after that dine-in restaurants close


Go to game centres
Go to beauty or mahjong parlours
Use a party room
Attend a dance club
Go to Disneyland
Go to Ocean Park
Go to a live church service – but you can do online services or Bible study, pray, etc. with one other person in public
Go to the library
Use a study room
Go out for a meal with my squad – only two people allowed

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