Coronavirus: Hong Kong schools continue suspension of face-to-face lessons as fourth wave continues

  • All kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, as well as tutorial centres, will be held online until January 10
  • Students and teachers are urged to avoid gatherings and dining out over the Christmas holidays
Amalissa Hall |

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Teachers leading an online lesson on the first day of school at the Fukien Secondary School Affiliated School in Yau Tong. Schools will continue leading online classes until January 10. Photo: SCMP / K. Y. Cheng

The Education Bureau (EDB) announced on December 21 that face-to-face classes and school activities will continue to be suspended until January 10, 2021 in light of the severe Covid-19 situation in Hong Kong. All kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, as well as tutorial schools, should continue home learning arrangements to cope with the pandemic.

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A spokesperson for the EDB said “Schools should continue to adopt diversified modes of teaching to help student learning at home.”

In regards to students with upcoming examinations, the spokesperson said that schools can consider arranging face-to-face classes for students on a half day basis, as needed. This includes students who need to undergo internal assessments for Secondary School Places Allocation, as well as students partaking in overseas examinations and other internal examinations.

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The EDB states that the upper limit for students to return to school for face-to-face classes and examinations should be capped at one-sixth of the school’s maximum permitted capacity. Schools should remain open for students that lack carers at home, and school staff should be on duty to care for said students, as well as handle school affairs and enquiries.

The spokesperson also urged students and school staff to avoid gatherings and dining out over the Christmas holidays. Parents should also take precautionary measures and pay close attention to their children’s health. If they are feeling unwell, they should seek medical attention quickly to receive a diagnosis and appropriate treatment.