Bundle up! New Year’s Eve in Hong Kong will be a chilly one with low of just 7 degrees Celsius

  • The temperature is expected to drop down to 7 degrees Celsius, so take out your warm winter coats
  • Make sure to stay warm and to properly social distance over the holidays
Kelly Fung |

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Get your warm winter clothes ready for New Year's Eve. Photo: SCMP / Winson Wong

You can expect a chilly New Year's countdown and a cold start to 2021.

On New Year's Eve, the temperature will drop to about 7 degrees Celsius in the urban area, and a few degrees lower in the New Territories with maximum temperatures of 12, according to the Hong Kong Observatory.

The Observatory cautions that the weather on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day will be very cold and dry as an “intense cold surge” is expected to reach Guangdong next week, with a few patches of rain expected for Hong Kong. 

"Starting from Wednesday night, there will occasionally be strong winds offshore, and that the weather is expected to drop to 11 degrees Celsius," the Observatory said.

“The Cold Weather Warning will be in place starting from Wednesday night up until January 1," the Observatory added.

With the cold weather setting in from day to night, dry weather is expected to hit the city, too. The humidity will drop to 35 per cent at the lowest, with the maximum level reaching 50 per cent. 

The Observatory advises people to wear warm clothes and ensure adequate indoor ventilation.

You should also make sure heaters are safe before use, and place them away from any combustibles. 

The last “intense cold surge” appeared in January 2016, when the city saw its lowest temperature in 59 years, at 3.3 degrees Celsius.