Temperatures to drop as low as four degrees Celsius in Hong Kong this weekend

  • A winter monsoon means the city will see cloudy skies, dry weather and cold this weekend
  • Urban areas can expect lows of eight degrees Celsius, while some districts in the New Territories will drop to four
Kelly Fung |

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You can't say goodbye to the cold weather just yet. Photo: SCMP/ Xiaomei Chen

Keep your winter clothes handy, because temperatures are expected to drop again starting from Friday.

The city will see lows of about eight degrees Celsius on Friday night, caused by a winter monsoon sweeping across Hong Kong.

A winter monsoon, also known as a northeast monsoon, is a seasonal wind current caused by the difference in warming and cooling between the land and ocean. The northeast monsoon generally flows over the coast of China in the winter, while the southwest monsoon prevails in summer.

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The Hong Kong Observatory predicts that from Friday to Saturday, temperatures will plummet to about eight and nine degrees Celsius, respectively, in urban areas, and around six degrees Celsius or lower in the New Territories. Ta Kwu Ling in the North District could even drop down to four degrees Celsius.

The minimum temperature is expected to remain around 8-10 degrees until next Tuesday, with maximums reaching just 12-15 degrees.

The Observatory said on its website that the monsoon will strengthen in the latter part of this week, and weather will be cloudier and remain cold and dry.

This year, the city saw the chilliest New Year’s Day in 16 years due to an "intense cold surge". In 2005, the Observatory recorded a minimum of 6.4 degrees Celsius on New Year’s Day.

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