Coronavirus: Dine-in allowed until 10pm, gyms and beauty centres to reopen as social distancing measures relax

  • Hong Kong recorded its lowest number of Covid-19 cases in three months on Tuesday, with just eight positive cases
  • Secretary for Health Sophia Chan credited the city’s hard work and cooperation for the move
Dannie Higginbotham |

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The city's dine-in ban will be relaxed for the first time in three months. Photo: SCMP / Dickson Lee

Hong Kong’s dine-in ban will be relaxed as the city records its first day of single-digit Covid-19 infections since November.

In a press conference on Tuesday, Secretary for Food and Health Professor Sophia Chan Siu-chee announced that beginning Thursday, dining in at restaurants will be allowed until 10pm, with up to four people per table. All sports venues, fitness centres, beauty and massage parlours, and public performance sites (including concert halls, theme parks, and cinemas) will also be allowed to reopen.

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“Thanks to the hard work and cooperation of the whole of Hong Kong, in the last month the epidemic has become milder,” she said. “Local cases are now at low double-digits, and untraceable cases are also decreasing and now are at single digits.”

The city recorded eight cases on Tuesday, the lowest since the fourth wave of the coronavirus outbreak began.