Canto-pop boy band Mirror kicks off concert series “One & All Live”

  • Hong Kong boy group, which includes local rising star, Keung To, are set to have six performances from May 4 to May 11
  • Fans young and old queued excitedly for the idols, as many believe they are reviving the city’s music scene
Kelly Fung |

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Before the start of Mirror's second live concert, fans queue for hours outside Star Hall in the Kowloonbay International Trade and Exhibition Centre. Photo: SCMP / Kelly Fung

Hong Kong boy group, Mirror, successfully kicked off their second live concert in a six-day series titled “One & All Live” yesterday, with fans arriving hours before the concert began.

Many of them are saying that the 12-member boy band is changing Canto-pop.

Fans of all ages from kindergartners to adults over 50 were seen queuing for hours at Star Hall in the Kowloonbay International Trade and Exhibition Centre. They were there to buy souvenirs and take photos with backdrops of the idols.

A girl holding a box of Mirror masks, which were one of the many souvenirs available for purchase. Photo: SCMP / Kelly Fung

Among these fans was Angie Ng, 13, a Form 2 student at St Stephen's Girls’ College. She had spent two days designing and producing banners and cards with her friend, which she distributed to other fans at the concert venue at 4pm. Afterwards, she headed with her parents to take photos with the idol backdrops.

“I used to love Blackpink before being drawn to Mirror. Now I love Mirror more,” she said, adding that Anson Lo and Keung To were her favourite members of the boy band.

“Mirror is really changing Canto-pop,” Angie continued. “They make young people pay attention to Canto-pop songs.”

Angie Ng, 13, and Jasmine Sze, 13, holding cards that Angie designed for Hong Kong boy group Mirror, at their concert on May 7 at Star Hall. Photo: SCMP / Kelly Fung

Angie said her love for the idols grew after watching ViuTV’s, We are the Littles, which she watched with her parents, who are also Mirror fans.

“Of course Hong Kong people support our people. We are united because of Mirror,” Angie’s father said.

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Angie said she also bonded with her friend, Jasmine Sze, over their love of Mirror. Jasmine, 13, a Grade 8 student at Nord Anglia International School, said she was introduced to Mirror because her father loved watching ViuTV’s talent show, Good Night Show. She said Mirror’s songs have motivated her to practise guitar and piano, while playing their songs.

Jasmine’s mother said she had not been this excited about a star since Canto-pop's height in the 90s.

“I love how humble they are, and I believe they are the role models for the younger generation,” she said.

Both Angie and Jasmine’s families watched tonight’s concert and plan to watch it again on its last night on May 11.

Mirror started by performing their latest single, Warrior, which is about focusing on the future, rather than holding onto old values. The concept of the song reads, “Old people who are stuck in the past are not able to understand the new generation.”

The song received positive reviews about its take on creating something new, instead of being stuck mourning the city’s music of the past. It also emphasises staying authentic even in the worst of times.

At the concert, Mirror also sang their hit single Ignited, which won the Song of the Year Award from ViuTV’s Chill Club Music Awards. Keung To performed his latest hit, Master Class, a song about passing the torch to the next generation, who will walk their own path.

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Other Hong Kong stars showed their support for Mirror at the concert yesterday, including actress and host Carol Cheng, another boy band Error, and up-and-coming singer-songwriter Serrini.

The boy group’s concert, “One & All Live”, is set to run at Star Hall consecutively for six days from May 4 to May 11. The concerts are held at 75 per cent capacity based on the Hong Kong government’s current public gathering guidelines.

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