Showcasing Youth Innovations at the Hong Kong Science Fair

  • Hong Kong Innovation Foundation provides platform for students to learn, create and innovate at the inaugural Hong Kong Science Fair
  • Themed ‘Think Big Be Innovative’, students are encouraged to showcase creative expressions and discoveries
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Launched in March 2018, the Hong Kong Innovation Foundation nurtures young minds to accelerate innovative solutions. Photo: HKIF

Sponsored article by the Hong Kong Innovation Foundation.

Science fairs are a great way for students to explore a subject by doing, rather than simply learning about an idea. They are useful for learning a variety of life skills and motivate students to think beyond the parameters of daily life. Science fairs often serve as a practical platform for embracing technology and can help equip students with skills that form habits of mind that can imagine novel approaches to examine real-life situations through a different lens. They are a place where solutions to everyday issues can be generated through creative exploration, making them one of the most important channels of knowledge.

Themed ‘Think Big Be Innovative’, the inaugural Hong Kong Science Fair organised by the Hong Kong Innovation Foundation (HKIF) is the right platform for Primary 4 to Form 6 students to put on their thinking caps and turn creative ideas into solutions to tackle important issues such as climate change, health and the environment.

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Supported by leading experts in the innovation sector including Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited, Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node and The University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Science Fair now offers students the chance to think out of the box and showcase their discoveries and creations. The opportunity to participate in research and the development of prototypes, and the journey of turning ideas into reality will help students to appreciate the wonders of science, technology and design in the context of the bigger picture. At the Hong Kong Science Fair, participants can apply classroom learning in new ways that will offer exciting insights and expand their ability to think differently as it broadens their perspectives.

Daryl Ng, Chairman of HKIF said, “Hong Kong Innovation Foundation is committed to promoting an ecosystem of innovative technology and encouraging the younger generation to cultivate an innovative mindset. We are grateful to have this opportunity to organise the first Hong Kong Science Fair which serves as a platform to showcase their discoveries, inventions and creations.”

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“The imagination of our youth is boundless; I am always impressed by their creativity and aspirations for embracing technology,” Ng said. “The continuous support by schools and teachers in supporting our younger generation has provided a solid foundation to help students to realise their dreams.”

“Thanks also to the Hong Kong Government for committing over HK$110 billion to innovation and technology over the past several years, to provide opportunities, to nurture the younger generation and well-place Hong Kong to grow into a global innovation hub.”

Through participating in the Hong Kong Science Fair, students will acquire knowledge beyond the classroom and reimagine real-life situations around them as they work closely with one another to develop innovative creations with the application of science, technology and design. Students will also acquire new thinking skills, learn about creative design, and understand more about the world of innovation and technology.

The competition comprises three divisions for sign-up, with a Gold, Silver and Bronze award in each division.

  • Primary (Primary 4 to 6)
  • Junior Secondary (Form 1 to 3)
  • Senior Secondary (Form 4 to 6)

Submissions will be judged by industry experts based on:

  • Design concepts
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Feasibility and Functionality
  • Students’ presentation skills or teamwork

Winning students or teams in each division will receive:

  • A prize of HK$10,000 (Gold), HK$8,000 (Silver), and HK5,000 (Bronze) as a Student Development Fund
  • A special ‘Teacher Leadership Award’
  • A School Development Fund

Click here to register now.  

Registration Deadline: 15 November 2021

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