Introducing Young Post’s Best of the Month Awards – win prizes for your thoughtful letters and wacky submissions

  • Want an opportunity to get recognised for your writing? Look no further than our Best of the Month Awards
  • We will be rewarding well-written letters, incisive arguments and creative submissions, so read on to learn more
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Young Post is launching an exciting new initiative to recognise the outstanding submissions we get from you, our readers.

Every month, we will be announcing our Best of the Month Awards to show our appreciation for all the letters, thought-provoking comments and creative ideas we receive from you.

Here are the categories for the awards:

  1. Best Letter: Every week, we publish long and short letters in our Your Voice pages –be it your views on a new government policy, or your opinions on social inequality. For this award, YP’s editors will pick one letter from the past month that has wowed us the most with its depth of thought, thorough research and original content. Submit your letters using this form.

  2. Best Face Off: Are you already in our pool of Face Off writers? If you haven’t, sign up here and show us that you can be a great debater. We will pick the best debate article every month based on how effective, original and well-supported your arguments are.

  3. Most creative submission: The wacky comments and ideas we read on the Show Off and Top 10 pages sometimes make us laugh so much we fall off our chairs. Every month, we will pick one reader who had the most creative submission for those pages. Honestly, this award is a bit subjective, but there aren’t enough prizes for all the laughter and tears you bring to our pages. Submit your ideas for this week’s Show Off and Top 10.

  4. Other awards that won’t be on a regular basis: We also plan to recognise the best stories from our Team YP junior reporters (learn more here), and we want to thank schools who have been the most active in getting their students to write to us. For the school awards, we are not just looking at the number of submissions from a single school, but also the quality.

The prize? Each winner will get a YP certificate and a special YP gift mailed to their school. September’s winners will be announced by the end of October. We hope you’re as excited about this as we are!

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