Keung To fan donates 600kg of hay to Hong Kong’s wild cattle

  • The wild animals have had a tough time finding grass to eat, as an increase of tourists during Covid-19 have wrecked havoc on their habitat
  • Sai Kung Shap Sze Heung Cattle Concern Group thanked the “ginger candy” on Facebook earlier this month
Yanni Chow |

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Volunteers feed cattle on the remote Tap Mun (Grass Island) in northeast Hong Kong as the animals struggle to find enough food thanks to a sudden influx of day-trippers and campers. Photo: AFP

A herd of cattle at Sai Kung Shap Sze Heung is happily munching away on grass thanks to local heartthrob Keung To.

Sai Kung Shap Sze Heung Cattle Concern Group, which collects grass and feeds the herd, posted on social media earlier this month that they received an ‘unexpected surprise this winter’.

“Thank you very much to this “ginger candy” for donating a plate of hay in the name of Keung To,” read the post.

Ginger Candy is the name for fans of singer Keung To, one member of Canto-pop group Mirror, because “Keung” has the same pronunciation as “ginger” in Cantonese.

Although the donated hay weighs 600kg, the cattle will still need more.

Hong Kong’s wild cows are starving

Hong Kong’s grasslands, where the cows call home, have been overrun by humans doing outdoor activities such as camping and hiking. Favourite destinations include Tap Mun island and Sai Kung, and these spots have seen an uptick in visitors during coronavirus, as people seek to stretch their legs and explore the city while they are unable to travel.

More people are heading to areas like Shap Sze Heung in Sai Kung during the pandemic. Photo: SCMP/ Winson Wong

Since there is less grass to be found in the wild, volunteers have been cutting fresh grass or purchasing plates of hay and shipping them to the countryside to keep these animals from starving.

A flurry of comments on the post thanked the fan’s generosity, as well as the singer.

“We hope the cows can be healthy and well-fed this winter,” read the post by the concern group.

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