Hong Kong to brace for chilly weather as temperatures plummet below 10 degrees Celsius

  • Cold spell will last from Saturday to the middle of next week, the Observatory says
  • Temperatures are expected to drop below 10 degrees Celsius on Sunday and Monday, with rain also expected

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Chilly weather and scattered showers are expected as a cold front sweeps across the coast of Guangdong. Photo: Xiaomei Chen

Hong Kong is bracing for more chilly weather as a cold front drifts across the coast of Guangdong and temperatures are expected to dip below 10 degrees Celsius.

A strong easterly airstream will affect the coast of southern China from Friday, combining with an intense winter monsoon to bring cold weather from Saturday morning to the middle of next week, according to the Hong Kong Observatory.

Upper-air disturbances will also bring unsettled conditions to southern China starting this weekend, with the weather set to improve in the latter part of next week.

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Temperatures on Sunday and Monday will be 10 degrees or lower in urban areas, and a few degrees cooler in the New Territories. Rain is also expected.

Friday will be cloudy and cool with scattered rain, with temperatures ranging between 15 and 17 degrees with strong easterly winds.

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