‘Art is a journey’: 2022 Student of the Year judge for Visual Artist category on how creativity helps us connect

  • Eric Yim, chairman of the Hong Kong Design Centre, discusses how art is an unending process of exploration that can solve problems and create a sense of belonging
  • Organised by the South China Morning Post and sponsored by The Hong Kong Jockey Club, this year’s Student of the Year (SOTY) Awards theme is “Together we grow and achieve”
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Art can be used to bring the community together, says Eric Yim, chairman of the Hong Kong Design Centre. Illustration: Shutterstock

Visual art could be a powerful weapon that unites and connects people in the community during times of crisis.

One of the judges of the Student of the Year (SOTY) – Visual Artist category expects the winners to be passionate about their lives and have a desire to grow.

Eric Yim, chairman of the Hong Kong Design Centre, pointed out that visual arts could take our thoughts away from negativity and generate hope and appreciation during difficult times, such as Covid-19.

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Yim urged visual arts students to connect with the community by sharing their thoughts and communicating with others, irrespective of whether they were involved in photography, painting, drawing, film or any other field.

“Creating art can help us to become better problem solvers,” he said, adding that this could help create a sense of belonging.

“The more contributions we make, the stronger sense of belonging [we] will have with the community. When we feel we belong, we are more motivated and engaged,” Yim explained.

Eric Yim (left), the chairman of the Hong Kong Design Centre, believes art gives the community a way to connect. Photo: Xiaomei Chen

He emphasised that this significantly reduced stress levels and improved physical health and emotional well-being among people, including students.

The candidates “should be persistent and motivated to keep pushing forward and demonstrate that they have confidence in their work even if there are difficulties or challenges during the creative process”, Yim said.

Yim also shared some tips for aspiring artists by highlighting the importance of art appreciation.

“Visit galleries and museums as often as you can and get inspired. As there are so many mediums in art, students could experiment with a few before deciding which ones they connect with the most,” Yim suggested.

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“Art is a journey – an exploration and a lifestyle, a daily discovery of new ideas, new concepts, and new methods of expression.”

This year’s SOTY Awards has chosen the theme “Together we grow and achieve”. The competition is organised by the South China Morning Post and sponsored by The Hong Kong Jockey Club.

Interviews for a total of 11 SOTY awards in nine categories will be conducted this month, with the award ceremony scheduled to be held on July 23.

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